Cenokga Entertainment Studios

Welcome to the launch of the Cenokga Entertainment Studios Official website!

Some may have already heard about Cenokga, but if not, Cenokga Entertainment Studios or Cenokga, is an Indie Video Game studio based in Arkansas. Although Cenokga is an abbreviation for “Central Oklahoma Gaming” Harrah, Oklahoma is the hometown of the owner Kyle Ransford (myself).

The style of games in development by Cenokga are 2D Retro style games which are inspired by games during the 90’s such as, the NES and SNES.

A few games are already in development. You can see what publicly announced games in development are by going here: Games in Development

There’s also an Official Merch Store where you can buy T-shirts, Hoodies, Mugs and other items with the Cenokga logo. Click here to go to the Merch store: Official Store