Cenokga IP Usage Policy

Usage of Cenokga IP and Video Games in art and content creation is allowed unless it is for commercial purposes.

You may not use any Cenokga IP, including IP from it’s games in any way that it slanderous, demeaning, defamatory or rude, towards Cenokga Ltd. Co., it’s Games or It’s developer. Doing so is against the Terms of Service. A Takedown Notice may be sent or Legal Action may be taken.

Monetization of YouTube videos is only for Pre Approved Content Creators. YouTube Videos and Gaming Streams are allowed, but, Cenokga may at anytime Monetize, block, mute or restrict viewing of certain YouTube videos containing Cenokga IP for any reason.

YouTube Content ID Monetization Policy

Note: Content ID is not fully implemented on Videos with Cenokga IP. Content ID claims may not appear within few days or weeks. The Terms below still apply.

Content ID for Cenokga IP is managed by a third party. If you get a Content ID claim, it may either have “Cenokga” or “CDbaby” in the claims name.

Cenokga thinks this is a fair trade. You earn 25% of the game key purchases from you videos and Cenokga earns from the ad revenue on claimed Cenokga IP videos.

Content ID only applies if you’re not on the whitelist. There is currently no form for requesting to be added to the whitelist.

What happens if I get a Content ID Claim?

This is from YouTube Help:

Am I in trouble?

Probably not. Content ID claims usually mean that we found content someone else owns on your YouTube channel.

It’s up to the copyright owners to decide whether or not others can reuse their original material. Copyright owners often allow their content to be used in YouTube videos in exchange for having ads run on those videos. These ads may play before the video or during it (if the video is longer than 10 minutes).

If copyright owners don’t want their material reused, there are some actions they can take:

Blocking a video: Sometimes, copyright owners may block your video, which means people can’t watch it. They can decide to block your video worldwide or just in certain countries/regions.

Blocking certain platforms: Sometimes, copyright owners may restrict the apps or websites where their content can appear. These restrictions won’t change the availability of your video on YouTube.com.”

There are a few reasons why your video featuring Cenokga IP might be blocked:

Negative Constructive reviews are not a reason for a video being blocked. All criticism must be civil in manner.

  • Your content is mostly Not Safe for Work
  • Your video is abusing to any person based on religion, race or ethnicity
  • Your video contains excessive swearing
  • Contains pornographic, crude, rude, defamatory, racist, hateful or harassing.
  • Your video involves minors in adult situations
  • Any content that Cenokga defines as offensive

Usage of Cenokga IP in videos uploaded to YouTube can not be Monetized unless pre approved. Cenokga currently doesn’t accepted requests to be approved for YouTube Monetization.

Cenokga has the right to start displaying ads when Content ID or another method is in place and in some cases, where the usage in videos may be inappropriate, a Takedown Notice will be issued.

If any post or video you make in Cenokga’s opinion is considered to be offensive or inappropriate, a takedown notice may be issued.

Don’t post in any way that suggests that you are Endorsed by Cenokga.

Fan Art Policy

Fan art is allowed, only for personal, non commercial use. Commercial use is defined as selling Fan Art. Fan Art may never be sold

Fan art created by Third Parties of Cenokga IP still remains the IP of Cenokga and anyone creating fan art is not granted any license to use or sell Fan Art except if otherwise given in writing.

In some cases, where the usage in Fan Art may be inappropriate, a Takedown Notice will be issued.