Cenokga’s Stance on Free Speech

Hello, everyone, it’s Kyle from Cenokga.

Because of the recent events of social media censoring and banning people for no reason, I wanted to express that I and Cenokga do support free speech. Although, neither I nor Cenokga, condone any form of violence.

You may have seen posts about the issue Cenokga had with a reviewer and that Cenokga tried to “silence them”. That is not true.

Please read this post for mine and Cenokga’s view on the issue: Integrity

That dispute was a moment of anger and is not representative of who I and Cenokga am.

In fact, the issue is considered forgotten and the reviewer even wished me and Cenokga well on it’s next game.

Also because of the review, Starclaw: Battle of StarSpace Nebula has been updated, fixed and became a better game.