Knights of the Silver Table Multiplayer 1.2.0 Update is Here!!

Greetings everyone!

Kyle here with some exciting news!

The Multiplayer Update 1.2.0. is finally here!

And with this huge update, some changes have been made to the game. So to be sure the game loads and plays, you may need to select New Game so the save system can start a new save file with the updated code. But just so everything is working, it would be a good idea to go ahead and start a new game.

In some cases, you might need to uninstall the game demo and re install it.

In order to play in the multiplayer mode, you will need at least 2 Xbox One or other XInput controllers. Player 1 always uses the Keyboard or an Xbox One Controller. Players 2, 3 & 4 use Xbox One or other XInput Controllers.

The Multiplayer has been tested only with Xbox One controllers. Other controllers are not guaranteed to work.

Please report any bugs or glitches in the Knights of the Silver Table Steam Group here: Knights of the Silver Table Group

Also, Steam just released a new feature called “Remote Play Together” which allows people to play Local Multiplayer games online!

This feature from Steam is still in Beta. Please direct any bug reports or glitches to Steam. Cenokga has no control over how Remote Play Together works.

Along with the Multiplayer Update some things have been changed with the game to make it function with multiple players.

Here is a list of some changes:

  • Added Support for up to 4-Players
  • GUI update. The GUI has been updated to display info for 4 players and has been resized to fit player stats.
  • Inventory GUI has been updated with a new look.
  • Some items and UI items have been updated graphically.
  • The ability to pick up and throw certain items has been added.
  • The ability to push and pull certain items has been added.
  • Although the Pick Up and Push and Pull abilities aren’t really used in the demo, some items make use of it as an example.
  • Save System has been updated
  • Respawn System has been updated
  • Area Restart has been added to the Pause Menu.
  • The Area 1-4 in Forest Kingdom has been re done. Area 1-4 in Forest Kingdom was a little to much to go through and repetitive. It has been replaced with a more easy Area.

Until the next update, Be Brave and Courageous!