Starclaw Battle of StarSpace Nebula Controls

Starclaw: Battle of StarSpace Nebula is made around the use of a controller. You can use the keyboard as well. But only Player 1. Remaining Players use a controller. Multiplayer Mode requires at least 1 controller.

The officially supported controller is the Xbox One Controller. Other XInput Controllers may work, but, controls may be different from what is listed and they may not work properly. Some Xbox One wired controllers can cause a stuttering effect to the player’s movement that looks like it’s moving along a grid or sticky movement.

It is best to use the official Xbox One wireless Controller from Microsoft to avoid this issue.

Other XInput controller have not been tested and it is not possible to properly test every kind of controller. But as controllers are tested, more info will be posted.

Controllers not Tested Include: PS3 Dualshock 3, PS4 Dualshock 4, Xbox 360 Controller, Steam Controller.

Controllers Confirmed to be not Supported: All DInput Controllers.




D Key – Fire Bullet

S Key – Fire Bomb

A Key – Advance Dialog

Arrow Keys – Move

Enter – Pause

Q + E – Center Ship on Screen (Only if out of screen)

Xbox One Controller

X Button – Fire Bullet

A Button – Fire Bomb

Y Button – Advance Dialog

D-Pad – Move

Left Joystick – Move

Menu Button aka Start or Pause as us 90’s kids call it – Pause

Left + Right Shoulder Buttons – Center Ship on Screen (Only if out of screen)