Update on Battle of StarSpace Nebula

Hello everyone!

Kyle here from Cenokga.

I wanted to give an update on the progress of Battle of StarSpace Nebula.

Originally Battle of StarSpace Nebula was going to be released on Android, but due to the scale of the game and the plans I have for it, it has gotten to big for just phone touchscreen controls and instead of requiring the use of a controller, I’ve decided to stop development on the Android version and to release Battle of StarSpace Nebula on PC. The estimated release date is still Q1 2020.

Platforms and stores to be announced soon. I have  some cool feature ideas for Battle of StarSpace Nebula. Like adding 4 Player Co-op and different ways to play the game.

There will also not be a playable public demo before release.

A little about the scale of Battle of StarSpace Nebula:

  • 10 Worlds
  • 10 Areas in each World
  • 4 Player Co-op
  • Different Play Styles

Game Modes

All game modes playable with up to 4 Players.


Play through the main story mode and find out what the mysterious threat is.


Play through an endless amount of levels to get a high score.
Game mode is played as you defeat various waves of enemies then fight a boss.


Keep going to see have far you can travel in space while avoiding obstacles, fighting enemies & bosses.

Boss Rush

Fight throw all bosses in the game to reach the last boss.


I look forward to sharing more about Battle of StarSpace Nebula!

Merry Christmas!