Ways to Spot Illegal Game Copies

This page is intended to give general guidelines on how to spot Illegal Copies of Cenokga IP, Games, Merchandise and other content.

If you see any of these warnings anywhere on any store or website please report them to Cenokga.

One way of identifying an illegal game copy is that Cenokga will never sell or host a DRM free game. All Cenokga games will have DRM. There are times when there will be Pre Orders for games on DRM free websites, such as itch.io. But as far as a Cenokga game being for sale as DRM free, that is a sign of an illegal copy.

Only purchase Merchandise from the listed Official Merchants on the Official Merchants page. There may be times when an official merchant is not on the list, because they just haven’t been added yet, but the merchants list on that page are officially allowed to sell Cenokga Merchandise.

Cenokga is currently not selling any physical versions of games or boxed versions. If there any physical or boxed versions available on any storefront (Online or Offline) it is likely a counterfeit.