Knights of the Silver Table Coming Soon to Xbox One

Hey everyone! It’s Kyle!

Here’s the Big Announcement everyone!

Knights of the Silver Table is coming soon to Xbox One!

The Knights of the Silver Table Xbox One version currently has no estimated release date, but it’s planned to release around the same time as the Steam version in Q1 – 2020.

The Xbox One release is a big step for Cenokga as a one man indie game studio.

But, I can’t take credit for it. I give thanks where thanks are due. Because without God, neither I, nor my one man studio, could have every made it this far.

Knights of the Silver Table is not just coming to Xbox One by the Creators Program, which let’s most everyone join. Knights of the Silver Table is coming to the main marketplace on Xbox One, which was officially approved by the ID@Xbox program.

The Steam version of Knights of the Silver Table will be developed first, and the Xbox One version will come afterward as there will be changes that need to be made to the Xbox One version for it to work properly on the console.

Stay tuned for more information about both versions by following Cenokga on Twitter, Instagram & Facebook.


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