Official Merchants

List of merchants online where official Cenokga video game products can be purchased.

If you find a website which is not on this list who is selling Cenokga products or any Cenokga game products, that website is not authorized to sell Cenokga products. Please report them to Cenokga.

Cenokga will NEVER sell games DRM Free. If a Cenokga Game is listed on a website DRM Free, that game copy is illegal. Please report them to Cenokga.

Game Sales

Official Steam Store at Knights of the Silver Table Steam Page

Official Steam Store at Starclaw: Battle of StarSpace Nebula Steam Page


These are places where you can buy Steam Keys for Official Cenokga games. A Steam account is required.



Buy Starclaw: Battle of StarSpace Nebula for Steam (Windows) at


Merchandise Websites

T-Shirts, Clothing And Home

Official Cenokga Store on SpreadShop at

Metal Posters

Official Cenokga Store on Displate at

Devlog Websites – Created by Cenokga

Official GameJolt Page at