Starclaw: Battle of StarSpace Nebula Update 3.1.0

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Update 3.1.0 Includes the following fixes:


Note: Trailer and Screenshots don’t currently show the newest 3.1.0 updates.


New Features

Auto Pilot – Turned ON by Default

  • When Auto Pilot is turned ON, it makes the player ship move with camera. (Player Ship stays stationary on screen)
  • When Auto Pilot is turned OFF, you need to move the Player Ship in order to keep from going off of the screen because of Auto Scrolling Camera.

Auto Fire – Turned ON by Default

  • When Auto Fire is ON, you just need to hold the Fire Key/Button to fire lasers.
  • When Auto Fire is OFF, you need to press the Fire Key/Button every time to fire lasers.

2 New Power Ups

  • Blue Speed Arrow – Increases Auto Fire speed
  • Red Speed Arrow- Increases Auto Fire speed even more

Player Experience

A New Controls Guide

  • Controller controls and Button prompts show generic controller buttons rather than Xbox controller buttons.

Although, depending on the controller, button layout may be different.

  • Menu select can be controlled by Controller Joystick (Left only)

Game Balancing

  • Some straight moving enemy ships only shoot straight.

UI improvements

  • Added new button prompt sprites.
  • Added new BGM/SFX Controls.
  • New Stars Background on World 1.

Sound Improvements

  • Fixed Enemy Laser Sounds Overlapping.

Notes on some of the game’s design.

Cenokga does not make “clone games”. Games made will not be exact to other games in the genre. Although, there are features that fans of the genre will come expect, Cenokga will try to add those features in its own way without looking like Cenokga is copying other games. Games by Cenokga want to stand out on their own two feet (or to space rockets in this case) and be considered a “clone”.

Some of the aspects and features that some don’t like or act like they are bugs in Starclaw are not bugs, but actually intentional features that was intended to make Starclaw unique. Some of these things have been changed and some have not.

One thing to note. Starclaw is a “Bullet Frenzy” game. Which means, that bullets and laser will be flying all over the screen in a frenzy. Starclaw is not exactly like retro arcade space shooters. It’s only inspired by.

The Auto Pilot and Auto Fire have been made optional in case some players like the original way of playing better than the new way.

There are some enemies that don’t hurt the Player Ship if they collide. If they did, it would make the game harder to play in terms of losing a ton of Energy (HP). However, there are other ships (the bigger ones) that bump the player ship and it reduces HP.

As noted above the Stars background in World 1 has been changed to have smaller looking Stars. Although, there is a World where the Star sizes have not been changed and this is because they are meant to be an obstacle. Each World has its own obstacles and difficulties.

Although there is now an Auto Pilot feature, the Player Ship can still go outside of the screen. This is not because of a bug. It is an intentional feature that is both for defensive maneuvers and hazards. As when fighting Bosses or avoiding enemies, you can swoop under the screen to avoid them or their missiles. You can stay outside the screen for only approximately 5 seconds before Reducing a Life and restarting the level.

As for being able to go outside the screen at the top, it’s because the levels in Starclaw, are one big tall level. They are not just the size of the screen with a scrolling background. It’s a tall level where the camera auto scrolls until it reaches the top of the level. Another reason why you can go outside the screen is that when you reach the end of the level, the Next Level entry is just outside the screen.

The Respawn to Center of Screen action, is for defense as well. If you are pushed outside the screen, you can quickly use this action to respawn to the center of the screen.

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If you encounter any bugs, glitches or issues playing the game after this update, please post in the Feedback, Bug & Glitch Reports

Please Note, that you do have to own the game to be able to post in the Feedback, Bug & Glitch Reports forum.


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