3.0 HUGE Update to Starclaw: Battle of StarSpace Nebula

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Update 3.0 Includes the following System, Game, Player Experience and Game Balancing Changes:

Gameplay Issues

  • Issues with Cutscenes were fixed
  • Other bugs, glitches and issues where also fixed


  • x32bit Runtimes are being phased out by the game engine. However, there will be an announcement when x32bit Runtimes will not be supported in future builds.

This was not Cenokga’s decision, but a requirement of the game engine.

Game Changes

  • The Soundtrack for the game has been redone with new instruments!
  • The Chiptune Soundtrack has been replaced with synthesizer sounding virtual instruments to give a 16-bit game sound.
  • The Player Star Cruiser, has been made smaller.
  • The backgrounds of Worlds that had only a solid color background has been changed to an actual graphical background of what the current World is.
  • Worlds that contain “Wind, Sea Breeze or Smoke” has been changed to show better looking Wind, Clouds or Smoke.
  • The Sea Breeze has been changed to Clouds
  • Flying Objects have been added to certain Worlds for the player to avoid.
  • The rate at which Power Ups spawn in Boss levels have been adjusted.
  • A new save system has been created. Older save files may still load as they are still the same files. But if they don’t or you get any errors, please start a new game. If there are still errors, please file a bug report. Apologies for any inconvenience.

Player Experience Changes

  • You can now use F12 to take screenshots on Steam during gameplay.
  • When you get a new Power Up, that Power Up then becomes the active Power Up. You don’t have to wait for the current Power Up timer to run out.
  • Max Bomb count has been increased from 20 to 50 total Bombs.
  • You can now have up to 2 Clone Ships if you get 2 Clone Ship Power Ups
  • Shields and Clone Ships now carry over to new levels.
  • The Clone Ship sprite has been changed.
  • Other sprite animations have been updated and created.
  • Various other changes were made.


  • An added control style has been added.
  • You can now control the player ship using the following keys on the Keyboard in addition to the default method. No additional setup required.

Space: Fire Bullets
B: Fire Bombs
N: Advance Dialog

GUI Changes

  • Some text now have an outline to make viewing on white backgrounds visible.

Steam Leaderboards

  • All Leaderboards that have multiplayer reference to them have been removed as it doesn’t really make sense to display the leaderboards of a multiplayer game, when only one user would be shown on the Leaderboards.

Game Balancing Changes

  • Clone Ships can’t use the Huge Bullet Power Up
  • Clone Ships can use all other Power Ups.
  • It takes less time for the Auto Scroll to start moving
  • Other game balancing changes
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If you encounter any bugs, glitches or issues playing the game after this update, please post in the Feedback, Bug & Glitch Reports


Please Note, that you do have to own the game to be able to post in the Feedback, Bug & Glitch Reports forum.


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