Hello, everyone! It’s Kyle from Cenokga!

The Re Brand and Major Update for Starclaw: Battle of StarSpace Nebula is finally here!


Kowi Ishto: Battle of Akonoli


I thank God and my Lord Jesus for helping me as a single developer get this far and also learn new techniques along the way.

I also want to thank Benjamin Anderson, Friendly Cosmonaut and Kazan Games for there various videos and tools.


This new version has some major changes to the gameplay and player experience.

If the game shows any errors, you might need to uninstall and reinstall the game.

While the main story remains the same, there is a little more detail in the opening cutscence and a completely redone controller connection.

When you connect a controller, it is now detected automatically whether you are using an XInput Controller or a Direct Input controller. However, there are still some drawbacks if using a Direct Input controller.

Which would be:

  • Mapping might be unreliable.
  • Some Direct Input controllers cut in and out creating a “stuttering effect” with the player movement.
  • Direct Input controllers do not rumble when used without external software (Use external software at your own risk.).

Multiplayer controller connection uses the same way of connecting controllers. Which means less menus to go through.

Officially tested are:

  • Xbox One Controller.
  • Xbox Series S|X Controller.
  • Nintendo Switch Pro Controller Original
  • Nintendo Switch Pro Controller – Afterglow
    • This controller fully works, but the Joystick movement and Buttons are sometimes sticky.
  • Nintendo Switch GameCube Controller
  • Nintendo Switch Pro Controller Wired – Yoshi (The Left Analog moves in all directions on this controller.).
  • Nintendo Switch Joy-Con – Right & Left
    • Joy-Cons fully works as a controller, but the Joystick movement and Buttons are sometimes sticky.
  • Retrobit Mega Man SNES gamepad.
  • PlayStation 4 DualShock 4.
  • PlayStation 5 DualSense.

Although, the Xbox Series X|S Controller works like it should while playing the game, it tries to connect as a 2nd device while it’s connecting. A small temporary fix has been applied, so It should not have this behavior in game, since as soon as the 2nd device is connected, it gets unassigned. But, if this kind of behavior happens, you might need to use a different controller to play in multiplayer. Since the 2nd device connects and one controller can control two players.

Popular Controllers not yet Tested:

These controllers may work, but have not been officially tested.

  • Xbox 360 Controller
  • PS3 DualShock 3
  • Steam Controller.
  • All 8bitdo gamepads.

Player Experience:

  • A little more has been added to the Story and some Cutscences.
  • Player Ship cannot move out of screen at the bottom. Player Ship can still move outside the screen at the top. As this is for game design reasons.
  • The Auto Pilot has been changed to be always on.
  • The Auto Fire Option is On by default, to hold down the fire button to fire lasers. The Auto Fire can be switched Off, if you prefer to press every time to fire button to fire lasers.

Game Changes:

  • Enemy Spawners have been placed in Boss Rooms, giving the player chances for Energy and Power Ups.
  • Energy Pick Up Spawn Rate from enemies has been lowered.
  • 1-Up Pick Up Spawn from Enemies has been removed.
  • A new gem item has been added which just gives scores based on the gem.
  • The rate at which Star Gems appear has been raised.
  • Controls have been changed. Please see the Controls guide at the start of the game.

Graphic Improvements:

  • Various Graphical improvements to enemies and characters.
  • Bottom prompts have been changed.
  • Pop Ups saying what the Item or Power Up is when you get it.

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