Knights of the Silver Table Coming Soon to Xbox One

Hey everyone! It’s Kyle! Here’s the Big Announcement everyone! Knights of the Silver Table is coming soon to Xbox One! The Knights of the Silver Table Xbox One version currently has no estimated release date, but it’s planned to release around the same time as the Steam version in Q1 – 2020. The Xbox One … Read more

Knights of the Silver Table Multiplayer 1.2.0 Update is Here!!

Greetings everyone! Kyle here with some exciting news! The Multiplayer Update 1.2.0. is finally here! And with this huge update, some changes have been made to the game. So to be sure the game loads and plays, you may need to select New Game so the save system can start a new save file with … Read more

Community Update September 3rd 2019

Hello everyone! It’s Kyle from Cenokga. An update on how things are coming along with the development of Knight of the Silver Table. The last update was a minor patch fixing some graphical errors and typos, and now I’m pleased to say that the multiplayer update is now in development and will be available in … Read more

Game Announcement – Knights of the Silver Table

Kyle here from Cenokga. I am pleased to announce a new game in development “Knights of the Silver Table”. This game was first known as Project: Knights but now the official name has been revealed. Knights of the Silver Table is an action packed 2D Action RPG inspired by the 16-bit era. The Knights are … Read more

Announcing The Re-Start of a New Series – Iron Legend: Rise of a Hero

Hello everyone! The newest game announcement is one that was started back in 2017 but, with a few roadblocks, development stopped for awhile. Well now, here at Cenokga I’m pleased to announce that Iron Legend: Rise of a Hero is back in development! But, the first development build was in a different engine and since … Read more